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5 Tips to Fight Bad Breath

September 30, 2019

Bad breath is something no one ever wants to experience, but the truth is we all have it at some point! Bad breath is caused by a buildup of bacteria that gives off an unpleasant odor in your mouth. The accumulation of bacteria also causes gum inflammation. From bacteria buildup to gingivitis, there are many reasons behind halitosis. Here are five ways to help fight it!

  • Brush Your Teeth & Tongue

You should brush your teeth and tongue at least two times a day. Be sure to brush your teeth for two minutes each time and brush every tooth. You may be tempted to brush immediately after you eat, but the American Dental Association has advised waiting at least an hour after meals containing acidic foods and beverages to allow your enamel time to settle and re-harden. Consider chewing sugar-free gum after your meal, and always drink plenty of water during and after to help wash away food particles.

  • Floss Your Teeth

Like brushing, flossing helps reduce plaque from your teeth. Floss your teeth after brushing to remove any food and bad breath bacteria in between your teeth that you couldn’t reach with your toothbrush. Grab 18-24 inches of floss and wrap the ends around your fingers. Start in the middle and go in between each tooth until you reach the end of the string of floss. Then start from the middle again and floss using the other side. Use a clean part of the floss each time so you don’t just move bacteria from tooth to tooth!

  • Use Mouthwash Daily

Adding an anti-plaque/anti-gingivitis mouthwash to your routine is a good idea because it can swish in between your teeth, dislodging bacteria and particles of food you missed with brushing and flossing. Pour the advised amount into the top and rinse for the specified time directed on our mouthwash’s labeling. In addition to eliminating bad breath, mouthwash can also prevent cavities and plaque buildup.

  • Stay Hydrated & Eat a Balanced Diet

As mentioned before, drink water with every meal to help wash away residual food particles and avoid dry mouth. Water will keep your saliva at a normal level, which helps reduce bacteria that create bad breath. Eat foods high in fiber and vitamin D; they both help reduce bad bacteria developing in your mouth.

  • Visit Us Every 6 Months for Cleanings

It is critical to keep up with your biannual dental cleanings and checkups at our office to avoid plaque buildup, cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath! Schedule your next appointment by contacting our friendly team today.

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