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CEREC Dental Crowns: What Are Same-Day Crowns?

December 29, 2019

Advancements in technology have truly changed dental crowns over the years. Unlike in the previous years when you would be required to make several visits to a dental clinic to finally get your dental crowns made and installed, you can now get your dental crowns the same day thanks to the advent of same-day crowns.

What are same-day dental crowns?

Also known as CEREC (Chairside Economical Restorations of the Esthetic Ceramics) crowns, same-day dental crowns are crowns that are developed via a progressive digital system in just a single dental visit.

These crowns are suitable for people seeking to improve the appearance or function of their natural teeth, replace missing teeth and those with busy schedules and thus don’t have time to make multiple appointments with their dentist.


Are there differences between traditional dental crowns and same-day crowns?

CEREC crowns are be made within one visit to a dental clinic, while their traditional counterparts may take days to develop and install.  For the latter, one has to wait for these crowns to be developed offsite and then schedule a second visit with their dentist to have their crowns installed.

Traditional crowns are installed manually by a dentist, while CEREC crowns are fitted using computer imaging technology. CREC crowns are crafted from solid blocks of resin or ceramic materials.  Traditional crowns are made from a variety of materials ranging from metal, porcelain, resin, and all-ceramic.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns Process 

Traditionally, the entire process of developing and installing crowns took several days or even weeks. The process which entails molding, manufacturing and installing dental crowns can consume a patient’s time. But the process of developing and fitting CEREC crowns can be done in a couple of hours. The CEREC process largely entails three steps that include:

  • Visiting a dental clinic to have your teeth scanned with a CEREC device, to enable the dentist to make a digital impression
  • Your dentist designing your restoration with the help of CAD technology. This step is crucial for it gives you a picture of what the new tooth will appear like.
  • The dental crown is finally developed via 3D printing and computer-aided milling and then fitted to your tooth.

Why should I get same-day crowns?

Apart from the fact that you can visit your dentist and have your CEREC crowns installed the same day, there are other several reasons why you should consider getting these crowns over the traditional crowns. Here are some reasons for getting these crowns.

  • They look natural– unlike traditional crowns that don’t necessarily match your teeth after fitting, CEREC crowns are designed to match the natural-looking color of your teeth. These crowns look so natural such that, no one can tell you your teeth have been fitted with them.
  • Precise and accurate impressions-traditional dental crowns are designed using an artistic impression. This impression is later sent to the lab where replicas of your teeth are made. Nevertheless, the process is prone to inconsistencies. But their CREC counterparts are developed using CAM/CAD scans. These scans are much more precise and accurate than the traditional methods used for developing traditional crowns.
  • Shape retention-since same-day crowns are developed using computer scans, dentists can develop exact replicas of your teeth. That means dental patients get something similar to the natural shape of their teeth.
  • High-quality and durable-CEREC dental crowns are crafted from strong, authentic and machine-made materials. This makes these crowns overly durable. Better still, same-day crowns are stronger in terms of how they are fitted. Unlike traditional crowns that are fitted to the crown using cement, CEREC crowns are fitted to the existing crown with stronger, long-lasting materials.

How long do these crowns last?

With proper care, most CEREC crowns can last between a decade to 15 years. Some high-end crowns can last up to 3 decades. Nevertheless, the lifespan of these crowns can be significantly lowered if one is prone to clenching or grinding their teeth.

How much do CEREC crowns cost?

These crowns may cost anywhere between $ 500 and $1,500. But high-end crowns cost more. Again, the price of these crowns varies significantly between dental clinics and locations. For instance, dental clinics that use sophisticated technology to develop and install crowns will charge more as opposed to the average clinics that use basic equipment. Also, clinics that are situated in large cities are likely to charge more for their crowns than rural clinics, since there is a huge demand for crowns in cities than there is in rural places.

Does insurance cover CEREC Same-Day crowns?

Although many dental insurances cover same-day crowns, the degree of cover solely depends on your insurer. Before opting for these crowns, patients are advised to talk to their dental insurance provider.

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