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Restoring Your Smile with Dental Crowns

October 19, 2019

Dental crowns are also known as caps. These are artificial covers that are placed on the teeth or implants to give patients the structure and appearance of a natural tooth in both color and shape. Dental Crowns are great because they are used to restore weakened and damaged teeth for both cosmetic and health reasons. Learn more about dental crowns below and contact us today.

When are Dental Crowns Needed?

Dental crowns are used to restore teeth that have been affected by chips, decay, and damage. Essentially, dental crowns cover the teeth, strengthen and protect them. Below are more reasons why dental crowns may be recommended.

  • Hold together cracked teeth
  • Restore extremely worn out teeth
  • Support teeth that have a missing structure

Why are Crowns Beneficial?

Cracked and worn teeth increase the chances of you getting gum diseases, infections, and tooth loss. The crown can be used on a cracked tooth and protect it from damage and infection. The crown will restore the structure and the shape of the tooth and prevent any further issues. In addition, crowns are ideal when they are supporting other dental work. For instance, the crown will work perfectly if it is helping to strengthen a heavily filled, weakened tooth.

Sometimes when you lose a tooth, there is a high chance that the surrounding teeth will shift and try to fill the gap left behind. In this case, teeth replacement is needed. If a dental implant or bridge is used, a dental crown is needed as well. Dental implants will use an abutment to connect with the crown. Whereas, the bridge consists of a crown at each end and a pontic tooth in the middle.

What is the Process?

Crowns are custom-made using mouth impressions. They are then bonded to your teeth using dental cement. Most patients prefer ceramic or porcelain material since they appear most natural. In addition, crowns will match the color of your teeth for a seamless result.

Learn More

Restoring your teeth is essential for maintaining good oral health. At Arlington Dental Excellence, our dentists offer a wide range of services to assist patients. In fact, our state-of-the-art technology provides patients with high-quality general and cosmetic dental care. Learn more about restorative dentistry with a consultation today. Some of our services include the following:

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