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Dental Onlay/Inlays Vs. Traditional fillings

August 1, 2017

What are Dental Onlays?

Dental Onlays are indirect porcelain restorations, to restore teeth when large fillings are needed. They are cemented into the gap of the tooth.

When is a Dental Onlay needed?

A Dental Onlay is needed when a tooth is too damaged to be repaired by just a regular filling and not damaged enough for a crown.

Dental Onlay Vs. Crown?

We don’t do crown restorations unless they are necessary with a dental crown, a lot of structure of the natural tooth is removed enable to cap a tooth. In our practice we believe that the best approach to solve any problem should be done in the most conservative way.

Dental Onlay Vs. Filling?

A filling is made of composite which is a lot more pronoun to wear and tear from grinding and regular daily routines. A Composite dental filling(white filling) over time shrinks in size causing marginal cavities that form around the filling. On the other hand with onlays there is no shrinkage because they are made of porcelain.

Why is an onlay very appealing?

Dental onlays are made of porcelain and as we all know when it comes to dental restorations we use porcelains because it is very aesthetically appealing and has a shine to it that regular fillings despite their white color don’t have.

Is an onlay covered by my insurance?

Dental Onlays are covered by the insurance majority of the time at 80% due to the fact that it falls under basic Dental work when the dentist sees that the best way to restore a tooth is through a dental onlays.

How do dental onlays hold over time?

Dental onlays tend to significantly hold for a long period of time without shrinkage or staining, also they are much easier to clean and very aesthetically appealing.

In our office we pride ourselves in providing the absolute best dental services to all our patients, if you have any further questions regarding dental onlays please feel free to reach out to our office treatment coordinator and they would be very pleased to provide you with further information.

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