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When to Visit Your Emergency Dentist

December 21, 2019

Dental issues can vary. While some may wait, others are urgent and should be addressed quickly.  In serious cases, a tooth could be lost if not cared for by an emergency dentist. So, when do you visit the emergency dentist? Great question! We have compiled a guide to help patients learn more about dental emergencies. Read more below and contact Arlington Dental Excellence today!

Damaged or Broken Tooth

There are hundreds of things that could go wrong and leave you with a broken tooth, and when it happens, you will immediately know that you need to see your emergency dentist.  More often than usual a broken tooth causes excruciating pain, bleeding gum in some cases and a chronic headache at times. Without even having to consult, this is an emergency that requires the urgent attention of a dentist. There are times when you get a broken tooth but experience no pain at all.

Most people would rule this out as an emergency and go on with their errands but it could be a sign of a worse happening. Your nerves that send pain could be injured which is even more severe and requires urgent attention. Dismissing any situation at hand could be making things worse.

Getting urgent dental attention not only helps with pain management but could also save the tooth. If your tooth is completely knocked out, drop it in a cup of milk and find the nearest dental clinic for medical help.

Severe Tooth Pain

Pain is the same but there is always something different from a chronic toothache. A tooth is a very small part of your body but could spoil your dinner date, a birthday party or whatever it is that you were doing could be disrupted by a single toothache.

Now there is a certain kind of toothache that is unbearable. Intermittent or mild toothaches can be managed temporarily by taking pain killers but this is only a means of coping till you get your appointment with the dentist.

If the painkillers you take do not help in any way to manage the toothache, then you know it is time to see your emergency dentist. Most times, toothaches are caused by decay or infection and if that the case then, you will need more than one dentist appointment to get the issue handled. Persistent and severe toothaches that are unexplained could be a sign of gum disease. Feel the area around your gums to establish if there is bumping causing the pain.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are not uncommon to those who floss their teeth or for those diagnosed with gum disease. Additionally, bleeding brought about by flossing is very minimal and not as common but if the bleeding is persistent and extreme, then this is a cause for alarm. Likewise, bleeding gums could also be a result of trauma from an accident and this is not the time to go picking cross counter pill to control the bleeding or pain but time to seek emergency treatment from a qualified dentist.

Accidents are quite severe as they could sever nerves and blood vessels inside the mouth and if you want to save your teeth and your gum as well, then you better get to the dental clinic as fast as possible.

Continuous bleeding gums could also be a result of periodontal disease which is treatable.

Swollen Jaw

As much as a swollen is a source of discomfort and messes with your beautiful smile, it is also accompanied by chronic pain. Several things could cause a swollen jaw or mouth with infection being the main reason.

Trauma too could be the causative agent of a swollen jaw. Either way, contact your emergency dentist. Swollen lymph nodes could also be a result or in rare cases, cancer, which is something you would want to begin treatment as soon as possible as it is life-threatening and how sad it would be kicking the bucket due to dental related issues.

Metal Taste

This is a rare happening, which is predisposed to patients who have fillings or crowns. The taste of pennies in your mouth is a sign of loose fillings or crowns. Loose fillings are a source of cavities and infection to the gum. Left untreated, gum disease may occur.

They could also cause blunt piercing on your gum and result in bleeding gums. As soon as you start feeling the taste of metal in your mouth, get to an emergency dentist soonest possible to get the filling or crown fixed and avoid getting a root canal procedure.

There are very many things that could cause you toothaches, bleeding of gums and infection of the gum. However, ignorance should not be given a chance. All situations are emergencies until checked out by an emergency dentist.

Contact Our Emergency Dentist

Your dental health is important. Contact Arlington Dental Excellence to learn more about maintaining your smile. As mentioned above, dental concerns need to be addressed. Feel free to contact us with any dental-related questions or concerns. It could be an emergency. Call (703) 962-4218 or book an appointment online. Most major insurances are accepted! New patients are welcome.

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