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What is Root Canal Treatment?

May 16, 2019

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is a procedure that removes an infected tooth pulp. The treatment is usually carried out on teeth with extensive damage due to decay or infection. Likewise, the procedure is carried out by a professional dentist, usually an endodontist. Also, it is an invasive dental procedure that releases the patient of pain and discomfort, manage the infection and restore the tooth size, shape, and health. The final tooth restoration helps in maintaining oral hygiene. Learn more about the treatment below.


Firstly, the doctor will perform a routine dental examination and assessment by your dentist. The doctor checks the extent of damage of your teeth and might recommend some x-rays to be done to assess the damage and or infection to the pulp of the teeth. If the dentist is satisfied that the best management of your dental condition is root canal treatment, the doctor will explain to you what the procedure entails.

In summary, the doctor performs the procedure under local anesthesia. He or she drills an access hole into the tooth. The doctor will remove all the pulp, nerve, and any bacteria within the tooth through the drilled hole. The next step is thorough cleaning and rinsing of the inside of the tooth done using root canal files. Next, the tooth is sealed off. The doctor will schedule tooth filling for the next appointment, usually after several weeks. A sealer paste and rubber compound are used to fill up the tooth interior. Then, the dentist covers the filling with a dental crown to offer protection against damage.

Importance of Root Canal Treatment

The doctor recommends root canal treating depending on the nature and extent of tooth damage.  The doctor will recommend root canal treatment when the tooth has a severe invasive infection or inflammation, extensive tooth decay, and deeply cracked or damaged tooth. Root canal treatment serves the following purposes;

  • Relieving of pain and discomfort associated with a damaged tooth
  • Restore the normal function of the teeth
  • Restore the standard size and shape of the teeth
  • Helps in the management of teeth infection

The goal of root canal treatment is to restore your beautiful, healthy smile which will, in turn, improve your confidence in public. Root canal treatment will also help you get rid of poor oral hygiene like bad breath and the constant pain and discomfort associated with damaged teeth.


In short, preventive measures should aim at ensuring that your teeth do not become damaged. This includes: routine brushing and flossing, maintaining a healthier diet, maintaining dental exams and cleanings, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco.

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