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Dental Cleaning

At Arlington Dental Excellence, we take dental cleanings very seriously. After all, prevention is the best technique to stop cavities from occurring. During the first dental appointment in our office, which we consider the most important, we teach our patients the importance of oral hygiene. In addition, we teach them how to read X-rays so that they are capable of reading X-rays and diagnosing themselves. We also take intraoral images to share with the parents so that they can see what we see.

Ultrasonic Technology

Our team believes in ultrasonic technology to clean the teeth. Therefore, if all that scraping caused you discomfort in the past, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Our office no longer scrapes teeth, since it’s damaging to the surface of the tooth. An ultrasonic cleaner vibrates at speed of 30Hz and breaks all the build-up around the teeth. The spraying water washes away all the debris. In addition, it acts as a cooling mechanism for the heat generated by the vibrations of the ultrasonic cleaner.

Our dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar during this cleaning process. While you may be brushing and flossing daily at home, nothing beats a professional dental cleaning. The hygienist is specially trained to thoroughly brush, floss and polish your teeth, leaving you with a healthy, shiny smile. A thorough cleaning can also help remove stains from the teeth.

After the cleaning, the hygienist may apply fluoride and sealants to protect teeth and keep decay at bay. These preventative services can help prevent cavities and gingivitis and eliminate the need for extensive treatments such as root canals. X-rays may also be taken at your cleaning appointment. Typically, X-rays are taken every 1-2 years. These images help dentists identify any structural issues in your mouth. By taking preventative action now, you can avoid expensive treatments down the road.

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Dental cleanings are recommended every six months. Are you due for one? If you have any questions regarding oral hygiene or if you are looking for a new dentist in Arlington, VA, please feel free to contact Arlington Dental Excellence. Our family practice treats children and adults of all ages. We offer convenient evening and weekend hours to fit your schedule. Schedule an exam today by calling (703) 420-3253.

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