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Welcome to Arlington Dental Excellence! We are a multi-specialist dental practice that is proud to have Dr. Alain Jureidini who is a board certified periodontist on our staff. Dr. Jureidini is a full time periodontist who specializes in treating people with gum disease and implantology.


Our practice is proud to take a very conservative approach in treating people with gum problems included but not limited to periodontitis, gum recession and cosmetic periodontal procedures. As a periodontist Dr. Jureidini finished his general practice in dentistry followed by an advanced perio degree for three additional years from world renown Columbia University. Dr. Jureidini learned his techniques from the most elite periodontists around the world. The hopes of being a periodontist is to save teeth and stabilize the bone support around them so that our patients can have beautiful smiles for life.

Following those long years of education Dr. Jureidini prides in himself in attending lectures to further his techniques all around the world of at least 120 hrs of post graduate education. What Dr. Jureidini is the most proud of other than his education is his attentive care for each and every single patient. We get to know our patients on a much more level than the doctor-patient care, he treats everyone like family. We at Arlington Dental Excellence are committed to providing you the highest quality care in a comfortable environment while utilizing the latest technology, and our staff is trained to ensure that you are educated on everything we do every step of the way. Call Us today to schedule your consultation!

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