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We Treat Your Jaw Pain at the Source

Your jaw is responsible for a variety of complex movements, including yawning, speaking, chewing, and opening wide for a professional cleaning. However, it is not normal to experience pain and discomfort in your jaw when waking or throughout the day. If you are experiencing these issues, you may have TMJ or TMD. Contact Arlington Dental Excellence right away to find out how we can help you manage jaw pain and discomfort.

Why Choose Arlington Dental Excellence for TMJ Therapy?

Improved Diagnostics Via Digital X-Rays and Digital Impressions
Custom-Made Occlusal Guards Designed by Our Dentists
Patient-Focused Dental Team with Decades of Experience

Diagnosis & Treatment

Before we can build a treatment plan, we need to confirm the symptoms you are having and when they happen. During your consultation, we will ask you some questions and then examine your mouth and jaw to get a better picture of your condition. We will also take digital x-rays of your jaw, check your range of motion, and listen for/identify areas of discomfort. This will help us determine the best course of treatment.

Equilibrations/ Occlusal Adjustments

While it’s true that TMJ or TMD have many likely causes, including bruxism, it may be that you have an uneven bite, due to a worn-down or out-of-place restoration putting pressure on your jaw to push it out of balance. In order to restore equilibrium, we may need to replace old restorations or make some modifications to your enamel. This will ensure that your bite is even and no longer applying unequal pressure on your jaw joints.

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