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At Arlington Dental Excellence we take dental cleanings very seriously as to the fast that prevention is the best technique to stop cavities from occurring. During the first dental appointment in our office which we consider the most important we teach our patients the importance of oral hygiene, teach them how to read x-rays so that they are capable of reading x-rays and diagnosing them selves. We also take intra-oral images to share with the parents so that they can see what we see. At the end we teach all our patients how to properly floss, brush and rinse. By utilizing intra-oral technology we are capable of showing our patients on every visit how by using the right technique their oral health is on an absolute up rise.

When we finally get to the cleaning part we believe in ultrasonic technology to clean the teeth, so you can say goodbye to all the scraping since it’s damaging to the surface of the tooth due to the scraping. An ultrasonic cleaner vibrates at speed of 30Hz and breaks all the build up around the teeth and spraying water to wash it away and the water acts as a cooling mechanism for the heat generation caused by the vibrations of the ultrasonic.
If you have any questions regarding oral hygiene or if you are looking for a new dentist in Arlington, VA please feel free to give our office a call (703) 525-0157.

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