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Gum recession is a common side effect of periodontal disease, especially when the disease has progressed into the more advanced stages. Receding gums can not only affect the appearance of your smile but they can also expose the roots of your teeth, leading to sensitivity and other potential problems. If you have receding gums, our dentist may refer you to a trusted periodontist, Dr. Alan Jureidini.


During your initial consultation, Dr. Alan Jureidini will review your gum and oral health to determine if gum surgery, also called a gum graft, is right for you. He will also review the success rates of gum grafting treatments, and we will only continue with the procedure if the success rates are high. We will also review expected treatment costs because we want to make sure that there are no surprises during your treatment! Dr. Alan Jureidini will also help you decide where your gum graft will come from: either from a gum tissue bank, or from you. We will work with you to decide which option is most favorable.


It’s surgery day! Your gum grafting procedure should take about an hour. During the procedure, Dr. Alan Jureidini will place the gum graft into the areas where your gum tissue has receded. Dr. Alan Jureidini then uses microscope precision to stitch the grafts into place with micro stitches, ensuring that they look perfect and result in minimal scarring.

Post-Procedure Checkup

After your procedure, there will be a healing period. During this time, we will have you visit with Dr. Alan Jureidini to ensure that everything is healing properly, and that your body has accepted the graft. If there are any complications, we can establish a personalized treatment plan that will bring maximum results.

If you have any questions or concerns about whether you require gum surgery in Arlington, Virginia, please call Arlington Dental Excellence at 703-525-0157 and schedule an appointment with our caring dentist, Dr. Layth Ghanim. We can help you know whether you require specialized help from Dr. Alan Jureidini to improve your smile.

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