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If you are like most people, you will end up needing your wisdom teeth removed to prevent a crowded smile or compromised oral health. One way to know whether your wisdom teeth may need to be extracted is if they are creating pressure on the rest of your teeth. This often means that they have erupted or are impacted. When this happens, Dr. Layth will refer you to Dr. Devylder.

Dr. Devylder has been an oral surgeon for over 40 years, and with his amazing expertise, he knows exactly what needs to be done, and he is amazing at it! He has a phenomenal sense of humor; in fact, we have had some patients who stay awake during their procedure because Dr. Devylder can be so entertaining! We look forward to letting you experience how great Dr. Devylder is with his patients.


During your initial consultation, Dr. Devylder will take X-rays of your teeth and review which procedure is best, depending on the placement of your wisdom teeth. You will also review sedation options, and you can decide whether you would like to be fully sedated during your procedure. Most patients choose full sedation. If you choose full sedation you should have nothing to eat or drink 6 hours prior to your appointment and also someone to have drive you home after the procedure.


On the day of your surgery, we will bring you into the treatment room and administer IV sedation if you have chosen full sedation. This means that you will be unconscious and asleep during your entire procedure. In most cases, wisdom teeth removal takes about an hour.


As with any surgery, there is a recovery period after you have your wisdom teeth removed. Typically, you can expect your recovery to last a few days. We will prescribe pain medications to ensure your comfort throughout your recovery. We will also provide post-operative instructions to help you avoid post-surgical complications.

To learn whether you require wisdom teeth removal in Arlington, Virginia, please call Arlington Dental Excellence at 703-525-0157 and set up an appointment with our dentist. We look forward to working with you and other professionals to give you the best dental care possible.

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