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Advanced Safety Protocol at Arlington Dental Excellence

Your Smile is in Safe Hands

The pandemic has caused dental offices across the nation to shift their priorities. The health and safety of their staff and patients has become a number one priority. At Arlington Dental Excellence, we have added to the extensive precautions that we already had in place to protect you and your family. Our overall goal is to create an environment where you can have peace-of-mind along with the high-quality dental care that you already expect. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and address any concerns, so we welcome you to call the office at any time!

Some of the protocols we have in place include:

Advanced Training of Our Staff

We have provided additional programs for each member of our staff to ensure they are aware and prepared to deal with the situation appropriately.

Daily Health Check of Team Members

Every day, each member of our staff is required to undergo a health screening, including no contact temperature check to ensure they are healthy.

No Handshakes/Hugs

While we do love our patients, We are not allowing handshakes or hugs until things are back to normal.

  No Office Tours

We love to show our new patients around the office to get them acquainted with everyone, but that will have to wait until next time.

Anti-microbial Mouth Rinse

We provide all of our patients with a mouth rinse prior to your dental exam to reduce bacteria.  

 Allowing Time Between Patients for Sanitizing

We are not seeing as many patients so that we can have time between patients to sanitize the area.  

Patient Health Pre-Screening

We check all patients when the enter with a no-contact temperature check and a few screening questions.

Extended Appointments

We want to get as much as we can be done in one appointment, so we’re allowing longer appointments when necessary. 

Family-Friendly Scheduling

To keep you from having to make multiple visits to the office, we’ll schedule your entire family in one visit.  

Fewer Chairs to Ensure Social Distancing

We ensure social distancing with fewer chairs and signs in the reception area.

Sanitizing Between Appointments

 We take the time to thoroughly clean the exam areas after every patient including instruments, equipment, chairs, and more.

Deep Cleaning Every Evening

Every evening, we take the time to deep clean and sanitize all areas of the office. 

CDC-Approved Sterilization of Instruments:

This is something we already do, but take extra precautions due to the pandemic.

 N95 & ASTM Level 3 Masks for Clinical Team

The entire clinical team wears masks for your protection and theirs. 

Disposable Coats

We wear disposable coats and change them between patients to reduce contamination. 

 No Magazines/Activities in the Waiting Room

Though you may not have as much fun while you wait, you don’t have to worry about germs being traded with magazines and other activities.

Clear Barriers Strategically Installed To Prevent the Movement of Particles

We have installed clear barriers throughout the office to keep particles from traveling freely through the office. 

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