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Laser Dentistry at Arlington Dental Excellence

Laser Dentistry | Arlington Dental Excellence

Laser Dentistry

Arlington Dental Excellence is pleased to offer our patients the unsurpassed capabilities of the Odyssey Navigator, which uses soft tissue diode lasers to ablate, cut, or seal the gums. Laser dentistry is designed to provide a more efficient and pleasant dental visit.

Our dentist may use the Odyssey Navigator to:

  • Remove bacteria and infected tissue during periodontal treatment
  • Reshape a gum line
  • Treat cold and canker sores

Other uses of laser dentistry include removing decay and damaged portions from a tooth, hardening a dental filling, and whitening teeth quickly.

The laser power of the Odyssey Navigator is much less invasive than scalpels and sutures. It cauterizes incisions as they are made, significantly reducing bleeding and discomfort and encouraging a quicker healing process. In some cases, the use of a laser means no anesthetic is needed. This technology greatly lessens the risk of bacterial and viral infection following a surgical procedure.

If you are interested in learning more about our Odyssey Navigator laser dentistry in Arlington, Virginia, please contact our office at (703) 962-4218 today and schedule a time to see our dentist, Dr. Layth Ghanim. We invite you to visit us soon for the benefit of high-quality dentistry and the most up-to-date dental technology.

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